J. Lee Jackson, President & Co-Owner
Mr. Jackson has owned and successfully operated beer distributorships for over 30 years. As well as his current duties of President of J&L, he also runs the day to day business at Triangle Wholesalers in Columbus, Ga. Mr. Jackson is a past member of the Georgia Beer Wholesalers Association board of directors and has been the recipient of numerous supplier awards throughout the years.

Donald M. Leebern, III, Chairman & Co-Owner
Mr. Leebern has been in the beverage industry for over 25 years. He is the President and Owner of Georgia Crown, Alabama Crown, and Tennessee Crown Distributing Companies. He is well respected within the industry, holding board positions on several industry associations. Mr. Leebern is a past member of Georgia Beer Wholesalers Association board of directors.

Ross D. Smith, Sr. Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Mr. Smith spent the first 23 years of his career with Miller Brewing Company in various positions in operations, marketing, and field sales. He joined J&L in April 2003, shortly after the formation of the company. Mr. Smith is a past member of the Georgia Beer Wholesalers Association board of directors.

Jean Stanley, Sr. Vice President of Finance
Ms. Stanley has been affiliated with the beer industry for the past 20+ years. Prior to joining J&L, Ms. Stanley was the Vice President of Finance for North Georgia Distributing Company, which was purchased by J&L in 2003. Ms. Stanley is a Certified Public Accountant and a member of several professional financial societies.

Tony L. Mays, Vice President of National Accounts & Market Development
Mr. Mays is responsible for the administration of our local and national chain retail accounts. He also oversees local market development efforts and is responsible for sales training for the company. He has 30+ years of beer, wine and spirits sales experience. He started in direct sales in Montgomery, Ala. in 1980. In 1997 he accepted a sales position with the Coors Brewing Co., holding many roles, including Co-Facilitator for the Coors Sales Management System (SMS). Prior to joining J&L, Mr. Mays was a MillerCoors Chain Sales Manager, responsible for Walmart/Sam’s Club.

Brad Genners, Vice President/General Manager
Mr. Genners is the Vice President and General Manager of Beverage South – Columbia. Starting in his family’s beer distributorships, Brad experienced all aspects of each distributor position before progressing to a larger organization. Over the next several years he served in the roles of Branch Manager, General Manager, VP Sales/Marketing, and President of Distributorships in Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska. His career has given him extensive experience in market consolidations, acquisitions, and reorganizations as the industry evolved over many years. With this background, as well as experience in non-alcohol and wine/spirits, he possesses the knowledge and expertise to lead the team in the ever changing beer market.

Michael Whitley, Vice President, Red Bull/NA
Mr. Whitley oversees the J&L portfolio of non-alcoholic brands (sodas, juices, energy drinks, water and milk). He began his career with Coca-Cola Enterprises in 1999 as a District Sales Manager in Atlanta, Ga. and joined J&L in 2006 as the Red Bull Brand Manager.