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The world’s best Spiked & Sparkling water didn’t exist. And frankly, the choices for light & refreshing low-calorie, low-sugar options weren’t great. Cocktails were too complicated, wine was too heavy, and who needs that bloated feeling that comes with light beer? The perfect post-workout, LET’S-HANG-OUT drink needed to be created.So we went to work, playing around with recipes for a refreshing, clean and simple spiked sparkling water that could keep up with us. We needed truly refreshing STYLES, MADE SIMPLY. So we searched the world to find the highest quality fruits that make Truly so delicious. Every batch is made with simple, natural ingredients and hints of fruit. No artificial flavors or sweeteners. Just 100 calories and 5% Alc./Vol.How did we test our first batch? By inviting our friends to a party, OF COURSE. That’s who told us we were onto something: Truly Spiked & Sparkling. Clean, crisp and refreshing with a hint of fruit, Truly is the perfect stay-fit-without-FOMO option you’ve been waiting for. Ten traits of a Truly drinker: Active. Energetic. Confident. On a mission to enjoy life to the fullest. Always On. Craves adventure. Thirst for life. Carpe Diem, Carpe Kicking Back. At LAST, We had Truly.AND YOU CAN HAVE TRULY, TOO. GRAB A SIX PACK OR A MIX PACK AND #LIVETRULY WITH US!

Hard Seltzer
ABV: 5%
Calories: 100

We distribute Truly Hard Seltzer in the markets that are served by: