rogue ales

Rogue was founded in 1988 in in Ashland, Ore by Jack Joyce. In 1989, Jack found himself in Newport, Ore., stuck in an unusual snowstorm when he met Mohava Niemi, aka “Mo” (founder of Mo’s Restaurants) who extended her signature hospitality and offered to rent Jack space to open a brewpub. Over a bowl of her famous clam chowder, she told him she’d always dreamed of living above a bar and offered to rent Jack the vacant storefront and her garage under two conditions:

1. Rogue promises to “feed the fisherman,” Mo’s way of saying give back to the community. The vast majority of Newport’s residents are fisherman who work on the waterfront, a huge part of Newport’s economy.

2. A photo of Mo in a bathtub forever hangs over the bar. It’s still there today and a copy of the photo hangs in every Rogue Meeting Hall.

The Rogue Bayfront Public House soon opened in that storefront and John Maier, who joined Rogue in May of 1989, brewed his first batch of Rogue beer there in the back room. Before long, this would become Rogue Ales & Spirits main location when the Ashland brewpub was forced to close due to flooding. The brewpub in the back of the Bayfront Public House would eventually be moved to a larger facility on South Beach, which has now become Rogue World Headquarters. Over the past 30+ years, Rogue has expanded to include Brewer’s on the Bay, Rogue Spirits Tasting Room, Rogue Spirits Distillery and Rogue Rolling Thunder Barrel Works. A small inn, the Bed ‘n’ Beer, is also operated in the three apartments located above the Bayfront Public House.

We distribute Rogue Ales in the markets that are served by: