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Every flavor of Bai is designed to bring a smile to your face – just like the ones we had when bringing it to you. Bai is committed to creativity, focused on fun and wedded to whimsy. (And awesome at alliteration!) But we’re fiercely determined to make the best beverages in the world. That’s why we’re on the bottling line at 3 a.m., testing each batch for perfection. Why we’re still on our feet at closing time, ensuring everyone who wants a sample leaves full of flavor. And why we’re always at the drawing board, cultivating our next great idea. Because at Bai, fun is serious business. Flavor is the mark we leave on the world. That’s not just about the distinctive deliciousness you find in every sip of our beverages – that’s the mark of everyone who worked to bring it to you. Flavor is about more than just great taste. It’s the outward impression that speaks for everything on the inside. Refusing to be dull, challenging convention, setting trends, carrying passion into every moment of our work – those are the flavors that flow into every beverage. Our flavors are our foundation.

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